Slots Explained

Managing resources and infrastructure is hard.

As much as we love to make money we don’t want to limit the performance or quality of our storage. Because of this we monitor and track our resources very closely and only give a percentage of our storage to specific subscription tiers.

We make projections of storage usage along with infrastructure costs for added resources and storage, if we have a boom in subscriptions this could cause a rush for more infrastructure and possibly spend more than we would normally spend. By limiting our subscriptions to slots we can scale up on a steady linear curve, keeping costs controlled and passing the savings on to you!

When subscriptions do go out of stock it triggers the data team to do storage analysis and from that, we’ll add the appropriate resources, do tests and then adjust the number of slots accordingly. This process sometimes is as quick as a week but could take up to several weeks before the number of slots is updated.

If a subscription you want is out of stock, you can get notified HERE.