What is Solo Archive?

Solo Archive is affordable cloud storage for individuals on a very large scale created by Fantasy Driver Software.

Another Cloud Storage Platform?

Ok. Yes. Solo Archive is another cloud platform, however, we are here for the individual, based on known and reliable NextCloud technology. We’re not offering deep archive storage, that you can’t retrieve without a cost, we’re offering simple highly accessible storage with the individual in mind.

Check out Why Solo Archive? for more information about what we can offer.

How it Works

Nextcloud is installed on our servers and we use Nextcloud as your interface to access our available storage.

You are NOT paying for Nextcloud. You’re paying for the Storage on our Data Servers.

Encryption is handled from the server side. We have an encrypted file system using XFS. We do plan to migrate to ZFS in the future.

Full Disk Encryption

Some of The Technology We Use