Why Solo Archive?


Probably the most attractive feature of Solo Archive is our cost. We strive to make data storage affordable and the more storage you get the less per GB it costs. By not relying on advertisements or investments we pass the cost saving to you.

Another way we limit unnecessary expenditures is by limiting and monitoring per user storage quota. That’s a fancy way of saying that all of our plans are by “slots” much like invitations. It allows us to maintain a smooth and continuous usage without having to scramble for more infrastructure.


As a small business, privacy is a big part of our goal of launching a cloud service.

We believe that big companies infringe on that privacy just to make quick money. Not here. We’ll never sell nor share any private information with anybody or any entity, even our own partners.

You can read up more about our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.


One big question with cloud services, is it safe? While we can’t particularly say about other competitors, here at Solo Archive only you can see your data and we promote the idea of encrypting your data before storing it on our servers (for an even stronger peace of mind).

While it’s not enforced we so have two-factor authentication as well as server-level encryption*.

Our team is committed to security and because of that, we do not assist with getting access to your account. We do offer a multitude of ways to reset a forgotten password or code however we’ll never contact you about accessing your account nor will we assist others (even yourself) with accessing an account.

If you want to know more about the security of Solo Archive please send us an email! theteam@soloarchive.com


Not only can you store your files but you can share them as well. Powered by NextCloud, with Solo Archive you can share any file with ease and control specifications such as edit, view-only, and even password-protect.

We even allow dedicated upload links, so someone can just upload a file straight to your Solo Archive from their phone or desktop. Simple office files can also be edited on the fly while in Solo Archive, you can edit word, excel, and other office files. No need to download them first!

And with each new refresh, we’ll add more and more collaboration tools to help with projects and more.

Permanent Bonus Storage

Probably a unique feature only to Solo Archive, you can earn permanent storage bonuses.

Right now we have one program currently running. The Referral Program: By referring anyone to Solo Archive and they purchase a plan you’ll receive bonus storage!**

There is no cap on bonus storage. In the future, we hope to add more programs to earn more bonus storage.

*256-bit encryption applied to files upon upload.

**Must have a subscription to earn; referrals must purchase a subscription to count and not cancel within three months, 15GB per Starter Plan referral, 25GB per Basic Plan referral, 50GB per Bronze Plan referral, 80GB per Silver Plan referral, 125GB per Gold Plan referral, 250 GB per Data Hoarder Plan referral.