Basic Plan (1 TB)

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1 TB (1,000 GB) of cloud storage.

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1TB of cloud storage, our most popular plan.

With the Basic Plan, you receive an excellent chuck of 1 TB of cloud storage, that’s 1,000 GB. 1TB of cloud storage is enough for most backups of small desktops and storage of a small collection of large media, like raw-formated pictures, lossless audio, or unedited footage, etc.

If you’re thinking, how am I going to use 1TB of cloud storage? There are a lot of ways you can take advantage of 1TB as noted by How-to-Geek. You can make a complete image backup of your desktop, for most people, this is less than 500GB of space, upload high-resolution photos, upload your music collection, store very large files like ISOs, you can use us like a file server (Nextcloud supports SFTP), and receive files from anyone with Nextcloud’s Upload Link feature.

While this plan is excellent, it still might not be enough for individuals who like to keep a history of files and media or professionals.

If you are a professional then 1TB of cloud storage may not be enough, in fact, we are positive that if you have dozens of clients you will most surely need 2TB or more of cloud storage. Thankfully we have that as well and more!

Our subscriptions are based on Slots. If you want to know why we limit our subscriptions read more here. Slots Explained.


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