Starter Plan (500 GB)

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500 GB of cloud storage.

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The Starter Plan is a 500GB cloud storage plan that is just enough for most people.

The perfect size for individuals that want to keep a backup of important files.

So how big is 500GB of cloud storage? Roughly 500GB of cloud storage is an estimated 140,000 pictures, just over 130,000 music files, and nearly 400 movies.* Considering how you can take advantage of 500GB? Our cloud storage is very versatile and you can easily share documents and files and edit basic office files right on, you can be productive and carefree knowing you have a backup in the cloud.

This plan isn’t recommended for those who wish to backup/share larger media. Today’s file formats for pictures, videos, and music do offer a good compression ratio however the quality has been slowly climbing as well and with that so do the file sizes. We offer larger cloud storage plans that are great for larger file sizes and a larger number of files. Maybe 1TB or 2TB of cloud storage can offer more certainty that you won’t run out of space?

Our subscriptions are based on Slots. If you want to know why we limit our subscriptions read more here. Slots Explained.

*From Toshiba


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